Here are some Songwriting web sites
with great resources and ideas for
anyone interested in Songwriting.

And Always Keep In Mind. . .The Next Best Thing To Hearing Your Song On The Radio.
Is Hearing Your Jingle On The Radio!

American Songwriters Network   A professional songwriting organization that provides monthly updated music industry leades to its members. Contacts include current listing of producers, A&R Managers, Record labels and Publishing companies, all looking for specific song/music material.

The Coopers Metaphysical and Christmas Music   Positive music for positive people! Four albums of uplifting songs including a Christmas album, all with a positive message.

Curtis Henry's Music   Curtis is a songwriter from Southern California with a web site loaded with Real Audio samples of his music and lots of music related links. And if everything goes as planned, some Real Audio Jingles real soon. Right Curtis?

Dan Gray's Online Anthology Of Musical Internet Collaborations   Whew, say that three times fast as you can. This a fun site. Dan invites you join the fun online. . .songs being written, demos being produced and collaborations are under way. There songs available on the site for your listening pleasure in Real Audio. . .no waiting or download time.

Feisty Bitch Records / Ellyn Fleming   This is a site with an attitude. Don't you just love the name? MS Fiesty has a great attitude and a slogan to go with it. "You Don't Make It In The Music Business Because You ARE Supported As An Original Artist, You Make It In Spite Of The Fact That You Are Not Supported"

FREE Songwriting Tips  This site is hosted by an award winning Songwriter/Producer and Musician. A lot of good information can be found here plus a FREE copy of "Introduction To Commercial Song Writing" is available.

Glade's "Songwriter"   There is one common element in songwriting and Jingle writing. You have to be good with lyrics. There is a ton of good stuff here for the songwriter.

Immortal Beloved Music Publishing   Home of Jim Wagner, The Singing Songwriter and Music Publisher. Visit his website for music contests, latest quality songs and even a place where fellow songwriters can PLUG their music.

Jeff Mallett's Songwriting Site   Jeff has decided to be a site where you can find links and information on anything you want in the music and songwriting business. Once you log on to his site you will be in the middle of a musical hurricane. He has created a virtual world of neat, valuable information and links. Caution: Once you're there you may never be heard of again by your friends and family. Great site.

Kim Brier   Nice web site from a songwriter and her band. Kim invites you over and you can even have a Powwow with her directly.

Li'l Hanks For Songwriters   A great site and a great guy. I think I just got him started in the Jingle Business. . .right Hal? If you are especially interested in places to be seen and heard in California. You'll find lots of valuable goodies on this site. Let him know you found him here, he is providing a great service for musicians and songwriters.

The Muse's Muse   A songwriters resource site. The very best of all things musical on the World Wide Web.

Nico Pemantle   Nico is a "James Tayloresque" singer-songwriter with two pop/folk albums for sale. This site inclides lyrics, mailorder info, and six entire songs in Real Audio.

Paul Alan Smith-Original Song   A sampling of original songs that have had a certain degree of success beyond just the pure joy of creating them. I personally like the title, "Have you ever been kissed-below the border."

Relatively Absolute Studio   Scoring music for film, infomercials and interactive games also graphic art, web design, and animations.

Richard Melvin Brown's Link Page   Tons of cool links for songwriting, music related, recording and others.

Rhythm Man   You'll enjoy this site. You will find a songwriter with a sense of humor. No high blood pressure here but a love of vintage guitars. Sell, Swap or Trade? Check it out.

Ron Newman Troubadour Technology Music   Ron is a pianist with an impressive background. His site also features Real Audio and selections from his Animal Dreams CD. There are also interesting links and information to be found on Ron's site.

Songwriters Association of Washington   A resource for the aspiring and professional songwriter in the Mid-Atlantic area and home of the Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

The Songwriters Corner   Some more Real Audio files to keep your toes tapping. An Artist page and New Artist Page

Southern Girl Songwriters  A desired link for writers & resources.

TAXI.   If you have a good song one of the places you need to look at is, Taxi. I have known Michael Lasko for years and I truly believe that his concept and dedication to having a first class organization is second to none. I can honestly say he does his best to make a song "happen." If you are serious about your songwriting, then seriously check it out.

Toby Darling   Toby is a published songwriter in the UK. Has had 33 songs commercially published and always looking for artists and collaborators. His site also has a number of Real Audio files plus many other songwriting links.


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